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Digital Manufacturing Week




A celebration of domestic manufacturing, featuring world-beating new designs, innovative modes of manufacture, products that redefine categories, and export successes that plant the flag in overseas markets. Includes finalists in The Manufacturer MX and Top 100 Awards.

The Best of British showcase will be featured in the atrium of the Exhibition Centre Liverpool, which will be viewed by all attendees at Digital Manufacturing Week 2022.

Aurrigo, the leading autonomous vehicles manufacturer in the UK presents their fully autonomous vehicle, Auto-Pod. It is a four-seat vehicle for non-road going passenger first / last mile transportation that can operate fully autonomously within city centres, sporting venues, university campuses, and age care communities. Auto-Pod has the potential to make it easier to transport people and cargo efficiently around destinations within cities and towns
Foam Engineers
This Foam Engineers motorbike concept won a Zotefoams Centenary Award (Most Unusual Application Category) for innovative application of their materials deploying clever design, 3-axis machining and excellent assembly techniques & was inspired and commissioned by Moshon Data for Driverless Car Testing.

Formed in 1928, Foam Engineers has pioneered the use of polyethylene and polyurethane foams in various specialised markets including aerospace, medical, filtration, motorsport, electronics, technical packaging, military and environmental, appearing in the prestigious Parliamentary Review (Manufacturing and Services Edition).
Recharged Heritage
Recharged Heritage was born from a passion for Mini's history with an appreciation for a sustainable future. By combining one of the most iconic automotive designs of all time, with state-of-the-art EV technology, the classic Mini has an opportunity to remain relevant for today and tomorrow. Recharged Heritage a UK based company has designed and developed a truly innovative package that captures the individual essence of each Mini without compromise to drivability, quality, reliability and safety when converted to EV.

Interested in exhibiting? Email exhibitors@hennikgroup.com.

The Best of British showcase is open to anyone with a ticket for Digital Manufacturing Week, including Smart Factory Expo, Manufacturing Leaders' Summit, SME Growth Summit, The Manufacturer Top 100 or MX Awards.