Sustainable Industry 4.0 Unleashed

Digital Manufacturing Week brings together ideas, experience and energy across a range of events engineered to support manufacturers at all levels of their digital journey. Join thousands of visitors, have important conversations, and expand your professional network.

What is Digital Manufacturing Week?

Produced by The Manufacturer magazine, Digital Manufacturing Week is a national festival of advanced manufacturing which every year attracts thousands of manufacturers, industry leaders and technology providers.

Every aspect of the week celebrates excellence: expert speakers, industry-shaping influencers, delegates from the best manufacturers, and the brightest emerging talent. We bring them together to help businesses at all stages of their Industry 4.0 development, arming them with real insights from the industry we have been at the heart of for over 25 years.

It is about learning, providing a showcase for the best of manufacturing, and also celebrating successes. Our two awards programmes – The Manufacturer Top 100 and MX Awards – honour the talented individuals and best-in-class companies that represent the top tier of the industry.

What's happening and when?

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Smart Factory Expo

industry’s biggest digital manufacturing show that enables you to conduct months of research within two days

Manufacturing Leaders' Summit

the C-Suite conference that enables you to redefine your business models

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The Manufacturer MX Awards

the very best of the UK manufacturing industry

The Manufacturer Top 100

celebrating nine years of inspirational industry leaders

Made Smarter Innovation Alley and Emerging Tech Pavilion

the showcase for the very latest emerging and disruptive technology

Tackling the biggest issues in Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing Week exists to provide manufacturing executives with the knowledge, contacts and solutions they need to navigate the sector’s biggest challenges – with specific attention to:

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Identify opportunities for a step-change in business performance.



Redesign your products and processes in order to reduce, reuse and recycle.



Rethink your processes, products and business models to increase your competitive advantage.



Open up your business to the full range of available talent.



Connect your people, factories and products, and build manufacturing processes that scale.

Digital Lean

Digital Lean

 Continuously improve your process control, minimise process variation, and reduce operational costs.

Hear from our past attendees...

"The content, structure and organisation of keynotes and roundtables was excellent and the presentations I saw were exceptionally relevant, well thought out, and brilliantly presented."
Bob Gibbon, Managing Director, The Performance Learning Company
"It was clear to see that manufacturing in the UK is embracing new technologies and that it is thriving"
"We're in the middle of Digital Manufacturing Week - I've just been having a walk around, and the buzz is incredible! Everybody is talking about one thing - advanced digital technology - and that is just brilliant!"
Juergen Maier, Co-Chair, Made Smarter & Board Member, Industrial Strategy Council & Chair Digital Catapult
"An excellent opportunity to meet with industry leaders and discuss the problems and challenges we are all facing. Energy was high with excitement about the potential for the future."

Five Reasons to Get Involved:

1. Develop. Sharpen your competitive advantage with access to the latest thought leadership and technologies.

2. Grow. Increase the capacity of your manufacturing operations.

3. Evaluate. Assess emerging technologies, business models and markets.

4. Partner. Meet fellow-travellers on the digital manufacturing journey.

5. Mentor. Send the lift down to the next generation of manufacturing talent.